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Tami has over 25 years of experience walking with others to find time to sit at His table. She is gifted at writing ‘pictures’ and telling stories that reflect the glory of God’s word and brings them to life for applicable ministry.  Her passion for writing is only exceeded by her passion for worship in song.

Tami was called away from a decade of singing in the entertainment industry to marry her husband of over 30 years and raise a family. In those 30+ years God has placed Tami in various choirs and worship teams where she pours out her love of God and joyfully celebrates the saving grace of Jesus. Upon request, Tami can prepare a song to be featured with a presentation. 

Each Topic listed below can be adjusted and refined to your specific needs for events like (but not limited to):

  • Weekend Retreat
  • 30 – 60 Minute Keynote Presentation
  • Breakout Sessions at a Conference
  • Mom’s Groups
  • Women’s Teas


Customize a message from the Blog ~

Tami can bring that message to your group in a format customized to meet your goals and desired results. 

Or…choose from a variety of pre-formatted topics…

The topics below can also be adjusted to meet your needs…

Feeding a Hungry Soul: A Reservation for Two ~

Spend time diving into scripture that will feed hungry souls, increase intimacy with Christ, and leave your group craving more of His good word.  

  • A deep and satisfying personal relationship with God starts with good eating habits.
  • Everyday God is sitting at the table, a table He has set just for you. He is in His chair and your chair is pulled out, just waiting for you to come sit down. 
  • The table is set with a meal created with you in mind. He knows the events of the day you are about to journey into. He knows exactly what kind of soul nourishing meal you need to face that day and He has prepared JUST FOR YOU.

This presentation is all about DISCOVERING the scripture that God has written to feed our soul, APPLYING it to our lives as we exchange good eating habits for bad, and ultimately developing a CRAVING in our soul for this good food. 

Applicable Soul Food Recipe Cards are available to accompany this presentation as desired. (may require an additional supplies charge) 

Worship: a Response of the Heart or an Act of Obedience? ~

Spend time in fellowship and in His word drawing closer to the one we are created to worship and adore. 

  • Worship is an act of adoration and praise.  The response of my heart to adore and praise God is driven by the depth of my personal relationship with Him.  
  • As the intimacy in my relationship with God grows, my need to respond grows too.  
  • Obedience requires that I respond to that need and from that obedience we experience an outpouring of joy. 

This presentation is for those that are ready to MOVE from BELIEVING God to WORSHIPING God.  Together we will SEEK deeper intimacy in our personal relationship with God so we can be BROKEN and SPILLED out in worship.  

Applicable Soul Food Recipe Cards are available to accompany this presentation as desired (may require an additional charge) 

God’s Word of Unfailing Love: Refreshing a Weary Soul

Whether it’s simply an over busy life or an difficult season of life, spend time consuming the words of God  to bring you refreshment and strength. 

  • Are you or have you been in a season where life is hard and there doesn’t appear to be any light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe you just find yourself worn out by the daily needs of ‘life’. 
  • As you lay your head on the pillow do you sigh… “I’ll deal with it tomorrow”? 
  • We live in fleshly bodies that can feel the weariness of a long day or season of life. The good news is we can trust God to refresh us each morning with a reminder of His unfailing love.  

This presentation is will give participants time to ACKNOWLEDGE what is making them weary, EXPLORE how God renews us, and EXPERIENCE a time of lifting up our soul to be filled with His refreshing Spirit.  

Applicable Soul Food Recipe Cards are available to accompany this presentation as desired (may require an additional charge) 

A Servant’s Heart: Can It Change the World? ~ 

This presentation is perfect for events and fellowships leading into the Christmas season.

Let’s walk with Mary {Luke 38} and be inspired to live a life that God can use to make a difference.  

  • Our society rebels against all that the word ‘servant’ stands for. The world  also tells us to stand up and make a name for ourselves; take control of our life plans and do what it takes to make them happen. 
  • But Mary’s response to God’s will upon her life reveals a much different perspective.  
  • Maybe God is not calling us to do something that will change the world, but it might be a plan that could change our life if we will just have the heart response of a servant to his master.  
  • Are you ready to respond to God’s calling over the world’s expectations?

We will EXPLORE Mary’s response to God’s unexpected calling on her life, COMPARE her walk then with our walk now, and APPLY life lessons from Mary’s story to our current situations.  

Applicable Soul Food Recipe Cards are available to accompany this presentation as desired. (may require an additional charge)

Living On Purpose for His Purpose ~ 

Our purpose, the reason we exist, is to reflect the image, will and glory of Elohim, God our creator.

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female hHe created them.Genesis1:27

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.Ephesians2:10

  • God created us to do the work that needs to be done, not so we can say, “look at me”, but so we can say, “look at God”.
  • Today’s social platforms give volume to the voices that say our reason for existence is to make a difference in the world by our own defined standards of what that difference should be. We post those opinions and advertise our actions and then the world votes with their likes, hearts and comments on whether our purpose and our actions are right or wrong.
  • But God tells us, purpose in life is not something that is measured by other. We are born with it. 

Here we will slow down, discover how to  STOP STRIVING to find our purpose and instead MELT into the saving grace of God. We will EMBRACE that we are born with purpose and created for His glory, allowing us to focus our actions and energy to live out HIS purpose for our lives ON purpose and WITH purpose.

  Booking Options:

Fees are negotiable according to group size, time required and travel expenses involved. Contact Tami here to explore the opportunities for us to connect.