Breath of Heaven, A Prayer

As this series on lessons from the story of Mary concludes, reflect on how Mary’s walk with God truly reflects the walk we are called to as well. 

I have a heart for music and I love to sing to and for God, so it’s no surprise that there’s a song I love that conveys all that this series means.  It’s a song you only hear sung in December, but one that I sing to myself throughout the year. 

The verses and chorus are a prayer Mary might have sung on her walk with God as she carried His Son, but they speak to beautifully to us as we carry the name of God into the world. 

Today, I offer you the words of this song to consider for yourself as a personal prayer all year long.  I’ve written the lyrics in plain type and my personalized prayer version in italics

Breath of Heaven / My Prayer

[songwriting credits: Chris Eaton and Amy Grant]

I have traveled, many moonless nights.

Cold and weary, with a babe inside. 

And I wonder, what I’ve done. 

Holy Father, You have come

And chosen me now,

To carry Your son.

Lord, I traveled in the dark for so long before I knew You as I do now.  Even still, when I am cold and weary, I fall to my knees and You picked me up.  I realize how my sins were and are an abomination to You and I can’t help but wonder what I ever did to deserve Your grace and mercy.  I know that I can do nothing to earn this gift, but by simply choosing to submit to You, to surrender my will to Yours, and to worship the risen Savior as my Lord, You choose me to carry Your name into the world. For Your glory I am here.

I am waiting, in a silent prayer.

I am frightened, by the load I bear.

In a world as cold as stone.

Must I walk this path alone.

Be with me now.

Be with me now. 

Lord, I come to You daily, constantly, in silent prayer, seeking Your guidance, help, support, comfort, healing…the list is long.  I confess that there are times I am fearful, even though Your word tells me that You do not bring me a spirit of fear but of sound mind.  I desire to walk the path You set before me and to uphold Your word in my life, but this world is often cold towards Your ways and I can feel so alone.  Thank You that I am reminded in Your Word that I am never alone.  Thanks You for the gift of prayer where I can come sit at a table and be with you. Be with me now. You are always with me.  I walk in Your strength. 

Do You wonder, as You watch my face

If a wiser one, should have had my place

But I offer all I am

For the mercy of Your plan

Help me be strong

Help me be

Help me

Lord, as You watch me day by day, I wonder what You must be thinking. I know You see when I stumble.  The enemy wants to take those moments and give me reason to question whether I can even be used by You.  Forgive me Lord when I doubt. I submit my all to You, recognizing that it is not my strength, talents or wisdom that fulfill Your plans for Your kingdom, but in my weakness, You are strong.  When I let go of me, a can be all You created me to be.  When I can’t…YOU CAN. So Lord, help me be strong when You need me to be strong. Help me to be when You just want me to be still and listen/trust. Help me Lord. Every step of the way. Help me.


Breath of Heaven

Hold me together

Be forever near me

Breath of Heaven

Lighten my darkness

Pour over me Your holiness

Breath of Heaven

Lord, pour out your Spirit, Your breath, over me.  When I am falling apart, hold me together.  Thank You Lord for the gift of the Holy Spirit to be near me here on earth.  When I am lost, You lighten my way.  When I feel surrounded by darkness, You are my light.  I cannot be perfect or holy in myself, but pour out Your Spirit on me and I walk in Your holiness.  Because of Your sacrificial act on the cross, Your holiness is poured over me and I can come before You in prayer.  I can seek You and build a deeper relationship with You.  I come to You in the name of the one who went to the cross, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

For His Glory

May this model inspire your time with God today.

Ponder and Treasure

Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

Luke 2: 19 NIV
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The Greek word used in this verse for ‘treasured up’ is syntereo.  It means to preserve in memory. 

There isn’t a mother who can’t relate to that word!  Today Mary would have started a photo album.  You know the kind.  Not just an album filled with pictures, but lovingly designed with borders, stamps, stickers, journaled thoughts and memories, etc.!

Can you imagine what that memory album would have looked like.  Not only was she preserving in memory the birth of her first born (don’t you know they always get the best one!), but she was preserving the memory of the birth of our Savior, the Son of God.  Are there enough stickers, stamps and decorative paper to properly commemorate this memory?

I wonder what thoughts Mary had as she preserved in memory this moment in time…

  • Hope… this is the Son of God.  The promised One that will fulfill prophesy and is our hope for the future.
  • Wonder… how can this little child with 10 tiny finger and 10 tiny toes be Emmanuel ~ God with us? Such an ordinary infant in my arms that brings extraordinary things to the world.
  • Amazement… angels have provided my child’s birth announcement.  Strangers are coming to adore Him.  I’m a simple servant, holding and comforting this King of Kings.

As children of God, we have so much to ponder. 

  • The realization that as a sinner we fall short of being able to come before the throne of God, but by believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus our sins are washed clean and we are welcomed before His throne.
  • That God chose to send His Son to earth knowing that the ultimate purpose of His birth would also send Him to a painful death on the cross so that we could fellowship with Him.
  • That we are wonderfully and perfectly made with the purpose of glorifying God as followers of Christ.

What would our photo album look like if we pondered and treasured all we have through the birth of Christ.

For His Glory

Take a moment to ponder today’s verse from this perspective. 

  • What are the God moments in your life? 
    • Not just the ‘big’ things that cause you to say ‘that was a God thing’, but all ‘the things’.  Ponder how God has shown up in even the small things.
  • What has God refined in you over the last year, 2 years, 10 years, etc.
    • Sometimes those things take time and if we don’t stop to ponder them and treasure the memory of them we miss the joy of seeing His work. 
  • What were you doing this time last year or any other year in the past? 
    • Were you seeking help for something? 
    • Were you being tossed in a storm? 
    • Were you battling a stronghold in your life?
    • Were you celebrating a victory?
      • Ponder those memories and see how God showed up in each of t them. 
  • How about today? 
    • As you ponder the ways He has shown up in the past, what perspective does that open up for you on how He is showing up now, even in ways you can’t yet see?

What is your memory album filled with? Take some time to journal your answers to these questions and create a memory album to ponder and treasure.

Prayer Starter:

Heavenly Father, what a loving Father You are. 

As I ponder all that You have done in me and for me since I came to know You, my heart swells with joy. 

If I were to create a memory album of all I treasure in my heart, it would show the good times as well as the hard times.  And on each page I would journal the words ‘thank You’. 

Thank You for first loving me before I even knew how to love You. 

Thank You for the days, months, years and seasons when You took me on a journey that brought pain, heartbreak, angst and frustration, so I could learn to love You more and more. 

Thank You for all of the victories at the end of a refining battle. 

Thank You for never giving up on me. 

Most of all, thank You for the cross and the resurrection of Your Son.  In His name I am given access to You today.  Amen.

Just Do the Next Thing

About that time Caesar Augustus ordered a census to be taken throughout the Empire. This was the first census when Quirinius was governor of Syria.

Everyone had to travel to his own ancestral hometown to be accounted for. So Joseph went from the Galilean town of Nazareth up to Bethlehem in Judah, David’s town, for the census. As a descendant of David, he had to go there.

He went with Mary, his fiancé, who was pregnant.

While they were there, the time came for her to give birth. She gave birth to a son, her firstborn. She wrapped him in a blanket and laid him in a manger, because there was no room in the hostel.

Luke 2: 1-7 MSG
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God’s plan isn’t always going to look like a well thought out, perfectly orchestrated journey.  At least not from our point of view.

As we respond in faith and begin taking the steps as He directs them, it may seem messy, hard or even wrong.  Looking back, we can see how it WAS perfectly orchestrated and very well thought out.

But we never walk in faith with 20/20 hindsight vision.  The key is to not question His plan and just do it! Even when it doesn’t make sense. 

In addition, we are asked to do it with the right attitude.  God asks us to obey from the inside out.  Obedience with a grumbling heart is not pure, submitted obedience. 

Mary (and Joseph) obeyed without complaining.  As far as we can tell from scripture, Mary never complained or grumbled when she was faced with the following conditions of her journey:

  • Travel to Bethlehem in her final month of pregnancy. 
  • No hotel reservation held for her
  • Giving birth in a stable where she also slept and recovered after the labor (this means a bed of hay)
  • No family around.  No mid-wife. Just her and Joseph.

Despite the dreadful conditions of Christ’s birth, God’s will was carried out perfectly and God was perfectly glorified.  Not as we would have planned it but as He had planned it.  PERFECTLY. 

In addition, Mary followed God’s leading without question – with a faith that trusted the next step would be revealed at the right time.

  • Mary was told to travel to Bethlehem in her late pregnancy condition. 
    • She didn’t ask “and then what”… she just did it.
  • Mary was told she would have to stay in a barn. 
    • She didn’t ask “and then what”… she just did it.
  • Mary had only a manger to lay her child, the Son of God, into. 
    • She didn’t ask “and then what”… she just did it.

For His Glory

What is God is calling you to do?

  • Is your first response to question it or just do it?
  • Are you waiting for God to show you how every step will unfold before taking the first step?
  • Are you looking for perfectly laid out plans that make sense and have obvious ‘God glorifying’ results?
  • Are you ready to surrender and faithfully do the next obvious thing, without questioning the ‘plan’? 

And those who know Your name [who have experienced Your precious mercy] will put their confident trust in You, For You, O Lord , have not abandoned those who seek You.

Psalm 9:10 AMP

Just do the next thing and see how God’s plan for you will bring Him more glory than you could ever imagine. 

Prayer Starter:

Lord God, as I consider how Your will was played out in the birth of Christ, I am humbled. 

How many times Lord, have I formulated great plans to bring You glory by doing this or that for You? 

How many times have I miss stepped because I questioned the reasonability of the obvious next step and adjusted it to something that made much more sense in my mind? 

Forgive me Lord for the times I have brought my worldly expectations to Your Godly plan.  Thank You Lord for never shutting the door and always giving me another opportunity to walk the path that brings me straight to You. 

Forgive me Lord when I have grumbled and complained along the way.  Thank You Lord, for those hard walks down Your path that have drawn me closer and closer to You. 

Lord, show me the next thing.  Give me eyes to see the next step.  Give me a heart that responds with obedience. 

Lord, I want to just do the next thing for You and watch the Glory of Your will play out in my life.  I do not ask for 20/20 hindsight vision Lord.  There is more joy and peace in trusting you blindly than in seeing the beginning from the end. 

Thank You Lord for the sacrifice of Your Son that allows me to walk in that peace and joy with You.  Amen.